We were set up in 1985 with a clear objective: to defend the interests of Spain’s private shipyards, both at home and in Europe. This objective involves defending the entire shipbuilding value chain.

Our activity, principally through technical, legal and financial advice in shipbuilding processes, in the structuring of finance and attracting investors, is key to improving and driving the competitiveness of the sector, for the delivery of projects and to bring about a true transformation of the shipbuilding industry.

We are the management body for the sector of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and therefore a fundamental element in essential public-private collaboration. On our Board of Directors sit representatives of Spain’s main private shipyards and the general government and the regional governments of the autonomous communities.

Success in figures

Issue of guarantees for more than 3.7 billion euros for the construction of 296 ships for 6.4 billion euros.

Our company holds a rating of BBB+ from Fitch Ratings.

Imagine the road

In an increasingly interconnected and demanding world, we must innovate to maintain our position of leadership and continue to inspire the shipbuilding industry.

Here at Pymar, we work every day to open new paths from which the shipbuilding sector and society can benefit.

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Adding prestige

The Spanish shipbuilding sector has distinguished itself for its high level of qualification and modernisation, two qualities that have put Spanish shipyards on the cutting edge of shipbuilding at a global level. Today we find ourselves facing a profound process of transformation in the sector.

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Integration of interests

We are a leader in public-private collaboration in the shipbuilding industry. We maintain a dialogue with the general government, regional governments, European Union institutions, financial institutions and other stakeholders in the industry.

That’s why we provide technical, legal, financial and tax advice to private shipyards.

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Positive environmental impact

Over 37 years of experience. We have the unique opportunity to optimise and complete the transformation of the entire shipbuilding sector through digitalisation, diversification of activity and ecological sustainability, while committing to training and skilling as levers for the generation of employment, fostering gender equality and territorial cohesion.

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To ensure solid construction of the industry, all the pieces must fit together: we place value on the entire chain of the shipbuilding sector.

Our team, constantly driving us on.

From naval engineers to economists and lawyers, we have brought together great professionals to form a multidisciplinary team with a shared purpose: to defend the global interests of the Spanish private shipbuilding sector.

Professionals committed to developing relations between different professionals and administrations and ensuring complex financial transactions come to a successful conclusion.

“Somos un claro ejemplo de colaboración público-privada y, siempre que hemos tenido éxito es porque hemos ido unidos. La estrategia de éxito del sector de la construcción naval es innovación, tecnología, formación, financiación y diversificación”

Almudena López del Pozo
Consejera Delegada

Conduct policies and regulatory compliance

Here at Pymar we base our activities on principles of ethics and respect for the law, and we believe in a policy of good corporate practices throughout the value chain. That’s why we have a system of internal regulatory compliance that also includes our business and commercial relations with our clients, suppliers and partners.