The time to tackle new challenges, is now

The shipbuilding sector is facing a unique opportunity to take on the challenges the world of industry demands. That’s why, here at Pymar, we seek to develop responses to take on the current challenges of the sector, including the following:

  • Diversifying activity, towards incorporating the marine renewable energies sector.Seguir apostando por la innovación en la construcción de buques con alto grado tecnológico.

  • Tackling the challenge of the digital transformation and automation throughout the value chain, contributing to the more efficient and technologically intensive shipbuilding industry.

  • Supporting the energy transition to guarantee the sustainability of the business fabric over the long term.

  • Improving training, qualification and skilling as a lever to generated employment, fostering gender equality and territorial cohesion.

Challenges and opportunities of the shipbuilding sector

Here at Pymar we are committed to contributing to the shipbuilding sector in current energy transition processes. The Spanish shipbuilding sector has the construction capacity, experience and optimal location of port and land infrastructure to successfully exploit the opportunities presented.

The latest in technology for an industry leader

The goal of the sector is to apply all the advances and opportunities provided by the digitalisation process in the value chain.

Industrial robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and digital platforms in secure environments are transversal innovation process that mist be applied in the shipbuilding sector and throughout the value chain.

That’s why we’re involved in innovation as a tractor effect in the sector.

In line with the España Puede Plan and the A2030 Agenda

Pymar works to preserve the coastal space, which indicates some of the points of the España Puede Plan actions in line climate action and responsible production and consumption set out in the 2030 Agenda.

Among the initiatives we are carrying out is the use of new materials that improve the effective efficiency of processes in favour of the circular economy.

A firm current with a clear direction:
Transform the sector to make it more sustainable and efficient

Ships with high degree of innovative cutting-edge technology

The shipbuilding sector operates in a fast changing, highly competitive and global environment that demands continuous updating and technological adaptation.

The Spanish shipbuilding industry is a net exporting sector.

In this context, the commitment of Spanish shipyards to technological differentiation has been the biggest challenge to maintaining its position in global areas where the complexity of construction is a major barrier to the entry of new competitors.

There is proof of the high capacity and international backing of Spanish shipyards in the fact that they remain in the top places in highly qualified international ship building rankings.

European Union

1st position

for fishing trawlers

1st position

for ships for research and offshore ships


4th position

for offshore ships

5th position

for ships for research and fishing trawlers

Equality of opportunity at all times

To ensure quality employment and adaptation of the workers to new technologies and working methodologies, we are going to implement specific training to ensure the evolution of different profiles. At the same time, we act as a level to give support and visibility to the talent the industry needs.

A more equal shipbuilding future is a successful future.